Little Bears Preschool offers an integration of developmentally-appropriate education, whole-language learning, and social readiness to help children feel good about themselves, master new skills, and develop a healthy desire to learn.

Teacher and child-led activities are designed to incorporate learning in all areas of development - intellectual, social, physical, spiritual and emotional - through active play.

Little Bears fosters learning opportunities that build confidence, encourage exploration, and teach personal responsibility, self-discipline, respect, conflict resolution, problem solving and decision making.

A typical day at preschool includes: singing, dancing, arts and crafts, reading and outside play time.  Students learn about nature, the weather, geography, the calendar, and major holidays.  Show and tell is a favorite activity that helps children build self-esteem and develop public speaking skills.

Patriotism, manners, and safety awareness are also part of the curriculum.  Patriotism includes a visit to the Veterans memorial and the Pledge of Allegiance. Safety awareness includes a visit to the fire station, fire safety, a visit from the Castle Rock Police department, body safety, and stranger danger. 

Snack time creates a wonderful opportunity for developing social skills, manners, exposure to new foods, and time to listen to friends.  A nutritious snack will be provided by parents on a rotating schedule and served each day.

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and Father appreciation celebrations are held each year and parent participation is encouraged.