Little Bears is a place for children to grow, develop, and blossom.  Each child is individually loved, cared for, and taught by Ms. Shelley and Ms. Kathleen.  They are encouraged to laugh, learn, explore, and enjoy their earliest days in a classroom setting.  Children are prepared for kindergarten, and are given foundational skills to help them in life.

Little Bears' small class sizes and low student:teacher ratio help teachers get to know each child as an individual.  This nurturing environment allows Ms. Shelley and Ms. Kathleen to work with each child, and encourage them in their development and personal growth.  Little Bears fosters intellectual growth as well as social, emotional, and physical development.  

Children are taught to be assertive, creative, and have fun while learning.     



Little Bears Preschool was established in 1957 by Bess Scott and was held in her back room.  Douglas County had no kindergarten at the time and she filled a need for the community.  In 1965, Mildred Stewart began helping Bess and in 1967 bought Little Bears and relocated it to Christ's Church.  

At Mildred's retirement in 1985, Janice June took over until Natalie Young bought it in 1987.  After Natalie's retirement in 2012,  Shelley Kirk bought Little Bears Preschool.

Little Bears is a preschool and pre-k program that accepts children ages 3-5 years old.

Although we are not affiliated with the Episcopal Church, we are thankful for the working relationship we have with them.